OMNI, Accessible Yoga partner on yoga workshop

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Two local yoga practitioners are joining forces in order to foster unconditional inclusivity in the industry. The founders of Accessible Yoga Tahoe and OMNI Boutique are partnering on a workshop in early June for anyone interested in learning accessible yoga and encouraging diversity through inclusion within the yoga community. 

Maitreyi, the founder of Accessible Yoga Tahoe and Accessible Yoga Sacramento is proving yoga is for all people and all bodies no matter the level of abilities. OMNI, one the leading yoga studios in South Lake Tahoe, has made their space available for Accessible Yoga Tahoe.

“Yoga is not just about making pretty shapes and poses; it’s a transformative practice that can be integrated into everyday life,” said Jessica Broyles, owner of OMNI. She adds the goal for the studio daily is to create space for empowerment.

“Our vision is to create an event that transcends boundaries,” states Omni’s website, “inspiring individuals to embrace holistic well-being and become active contributors to a harmonious world.”

OMNI currently offers Hot Yoga, Pole, Barre, Aerial, and Dance studio space, but Broyles shared her plans for expansions.

The space is upgrading to include a “wellness wing to include massage and bodywork, IV hydration, yoga therapy, and now, work with Accessible Yoga Tahoe. We’re building a more inclusive environment for all.”

An inclusive mission and mantra of yoga for “all bodies, abilities, disabilities, and possibilities,” Accessible Yoga Tahoe fits like the missing piece in the yoga community’s puzzle.

On a mission to challenge what some might call barriers to entry, Maitreyi is dedicated to working with everyone to “remove the otherness” and break down stereotypes of yogi-exclusivity. 

A three-day workshop will be held by Maitreyi in June to reveal “the secret sauce” of yoga for everyone. 

The Accessible Yoga Basis workshop will be held at the studio located at 1029 Takela Drive in South Lake Tahoe on Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

After completing the course, attendees will have 20 continuing education units and be able to “identify accessibility needs, a guide from both the chair and mat, leave with tools for curating diversity and inclusivity in your classes and community”.

A silent weapon of external and internal rejection, “ableism” denotes discrimination and societal bias directed towards individuals with disabilities, according to the National Center on Disability and Journalism; is “the belief that typical abilities–those of people who aren’t disabled–are superior.”

To take away the “otherness” and discourage ableism in her classes, Maitreyi sets up stations in advance of the class to allow time for individual mini-assessments with each student before class. This practice helps to make the class flow safely for all. 

Working independently and harmoniously the two Tahoe women have big plans for the summer. 

Broyles has been focused on creating a true “homegrown” local space and annual festival. 

This year the studio is adding to its diverse array of offerings to make OMNI Boutique and OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival more inclusive than ever before.

“I’m from here, I’m here for Tahoe,” born and raised business owner Broyles said OMNI is dedicated to being the “platform to support local teachers, practitioners, and speakers.”

With the multi-ability considerations, OMNI and Accessible Yoga Tahoe have also accounted for obstacles due to financial hardship. 

Both the workshop in June and the Yoga Festival in August will have scholarships available by application. 

“Last year OMNI provided six scholarships to the festival thanks to very amazing people in our community,” Broyles said.

Early Bird tickets to the workshop and festival are now available online: