Experience South Shore talent this weekend during Tahoe Art Walk

Art is deeply embedded in the fabric of South Lake Tahoe’s community. There are many local artists who find the beauty at Lake Tahoe a creative inspiration.

Local artists Sheilah Boothby and Scott Forrest have partnered together to shed light on the creativity and sophisticated art in South Lake Tahoe with the Tahoe Art Walk.

The Second Saturday of every month, the Tahoe Art Walk is an event that will garner attention for artists and promote art on the South Shore.

Tahoe Art Walk offers free self-guided tours through local art galleries. The walk encompasses Stateline on Kingsbury, the Y and everything in between, including the trailhead at Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio.

Each of the venues decides on how they want participants to experience the art. Some venues will offer refreshments, appetizers, live music, special artist talks and some will offer discounted art classes. All venues help promote each other’s events and the art community with a mission to bring awareness to the art.

“There is a gap that’s not being filled and there is more and more local art in Tahoe,” said Make Tahoe Founder and Tahoe Art walk co-founder, Sheilah Boothby.

Boothby is a volunteer for Tahoe Art Alliance and Tahoe Art League while also focusing on bringing art to local schools.

In the future Boothby would like to see the Tahoe Art Walk incorporate local restaurants and breweries to co-promote the art community.

While the Tahoe Art Walk has around 20 participating venues already, Boothby expects the amount to grow.

Forrest, owner of Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio, says the Art Walk has had a tremendous response so far. He sees Tahoe Art Walk for the professional big picture and says it represents “communal art at a sophisticated level.”

Forrest, whose had artwork published in Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Spin Magazine says he sees Second Saturdays going well into the future.

“Hype the galleries awareness and arts in general,’’ Forrest said, “I want to get the attention of big buyers from San Francisco and get them into the galleries.”

He explains that tourists want to buy one and only pieces from Tahoe or see a live painting demonstrations.

Forrest says he is seeing changes already in the arts regarding the level of talent and describes the art walk as an “art machine that continues to feed itself, feeding all arms and layers of the arts.”

Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio will have live paintings during the walk. His studio is unique to Tahoe with glass windows so people driving by can see him painting. Forrest wants to integrate a walkable guided arts district similar to those in Los Angeles, spanning from the ‘Y’ to the lake.

“Momentum is definitely kicking in,” Forrest said.

Another participating venue is Benko Art Gallery, which was voted “Beste Art Gallery” in the 2019 Tahoe Daily Tribune “Best of Tahoe” awards.

Owner John Benko is excited that Tahoe has its own art walk.

“I’ve been suggesting it for 3 years now,” Benko said. “I lived in San Francisco and there were art walks all the time.”

Benko said last month’s art walk was really successful.

For the upcoming art walk this Saturday, Benko Art Gallery will have a live drawing and multiple live painters, including Benko along with live music.

Attending every venue of the art walk in one day might be near impossible with the four hour window, but there are several participating venues on each end of South Lake making it attainable for anyone interested.

The founders are expecting to expand the walk to Meyers in the coming months.

There is also a self-tour art display at the Lake Tahoe Airport.

The upcoming art walk from 4-8 p.m. Saturday will be the third month running. Next month’s art walk will be on Dec. 14.

Participating venues include Emanate Gallery, Dharma Love, Tattoo BonBon, Scott Forrest Fine Art Salon, Compass Clay Studio, Tahoe Art League Gallery, GaiaLicious Boutique, Benko Art Gallery, Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery, Beads Etc, Artifacts, Sun Art Gallery, Poe Rava Gem Co., Dirk Yuricich Photography, and more.

Each month new locations are added. For more information about locations or to access the printable map, visit TahoeArtWalk.com.