Incline Village woman brings community together through movies

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Local resident Tara Cannon has found that she loves to bring her community together. Recently, she’s done just that through organizing movie nights for locals on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, which started with an all women showing of Bad Moms at Incline Village Cinema. 

“The noise in the theater was something I’ll never forget,” said Cannon. “Almost 200 women laughing at the same jokes, and they were all relating to the stories.” 

Back in November, Cannon organized a movie night that was complete with snacks and an after party with fun drinks and a celebration of community. 

Now, Cannon is ready to bring the experience to both men and women with a showing of the 1989 film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation from at 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at Incline Cinema. 

“You get four cocktails throughout the night, and after the movie we have an after party,” said Cannon. 

Cocktails will be provided by Incline Spirits, and food will be provided by Thania’s Juice Bar along with popcorn and other desserts. 

Tara Cannon has been organizing movie nights to bring the community together.

Tickets to the event are $62 and include four cocktails with food and a Santa hat. The night will bring together community members and is sure to provide plenty of laughs. 

“What I’ve found is when you’re with a huge group of people watching a movie together, people are louder and laugh louder when they know everyone in the room,” Cannon said. “It’s like when you’re in your living room and you feel more free to laugh. It’s just a fun environment.” 

Cannon wants to continue hosting movie events for the family as well, and is planning a family friendly version of the event with the screening of The Goonies. 

“We live in this amazing spot, but there’s not a ton to do sometimes, especially when it starts getting cold,” said Cannon. “People seem like they’re just dying to get out and do something … I’m just finding that everyone wants to get together and there are so many people that are new here and they want to make friends. I just have all of these crazy ideas that come to my head, and I’m the person to say, ‘Alright, I’ll just do it.’”

The group will meet at Incline Cinema at 6 p.m., and throughout the night there will be games with fun prizes, cigars for sale, and a guaranteed fun night with friends. The event is open to all men and women, and tickets are still available.For more information, visit

Incline Village agency gets county grant to help fund Main Street program

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — The Washoe County Board of Commissioners in October granted $25,000 to the Incline Village Crystal Bay Community & Business Association to support funding of the Main Street program.

The Incline Main Street program is a part of the Nevada Main Street, which works to redevelop and revitalize downtowns.  

“The purpose of the Main Street program is to work on community initiatives to revitalize and improve the Incline Village commercial core,” said IVCBA executive director Linda Offerdahl. “It provides a conduit of information and establishes a working relationship with Washoe County.”

The program will allow for the organization and promotion of the projects outlined in the Tahoe Plan, and move forward with redevelopment and housing initiatives needed in the district. 

IVCBA plans to use the funds to hire staff to manage the program and its committees. 

“The first committee we are organizing is one to work with the action plans that have come from the Washoe Tahoe Transportation Study,” said Offerdahl. 

The Washoe Tahoe Transportation Study was funded by Washoe County and conducted with multiple agencies through Parametrix. 

“They looked at where the biggest need is for walkability in our town, particularly from the aspect of traffic signals and those sorts of things,” said Offerdahl. “Now that the study is finished and there are action plans, the Incline Main Street program will be the liaison with Washoe County to help move those plans forward.” 

Other proposed projects will be beautification projects within the community, including creating a clear entrance and exit from Incline Village. While the county is in charge of implementation of the initiatives, IVCBA staff will be in key in providing the information the County Commission will need to make decisions going forward. 

“Ultimately, we want to spearhead a movement to identify a town center within Incline Village and work on redevelopment,” said Offerdahl. “I am thrilled to be a catalyst for positive growth and change in our community. For as long as I’ve lived here, we’ve suffered from a lack of leadership and adequate representation in agencies within the basin and with Washoe County, so we’re working to fill that gap of communication and leadership.” 


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