Being in a motor vehicle accident has many scary components to it but fear of getting good healthcare should not be a part of it. It is important to know that your (or the at-faults drivers) car insurance company has a set amount that is "guaranteed" (usually $15,000 per person) in their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for medical bills.

These payments can include manual therapy/massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture.

People often don't feel in pain immediately after an accident — it can be up to two weeks or more for all the symptoms to really settle in. A few days in, you might experience headaches, a stiff neck, a tight and painful back, difficulty focusing, blurred vision, and other discomforts.

You may be thinking: "I just need a few days of rest, and this will all go away on its own." But unfortunately, in cases of car accidents (even just minor fender benders), your body has sustained substantial trauma and a little rest and ice is unlikely to eliminate your symptoms completely. Most often it is not too hard to get back to feeling 80 percent better, but that last 20 percent may never come without good hands-on care and rehabilitation.

You will need a primary-care doctor as your first healthcare team member, as their referrals to other providers ensure your insurance will cover their care. You can choose to work with a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), MD (Medical Doctor), DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), or ND, (Naturopathic Doctor) for this.

At Elevate Wellness Center we offer manual therapy and acupuncture, as well as supplements and herbs to help alleviate pain and stiffness. Depending on the impact, care may consist of hands-on muscle and joint mobilization, gentle Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture and/or cupping.

The worst you thing you can do is nothing — we are here to help get back to feeling a 100 percent! It is also important not to neglect care for little ones that may have been involved, even if they can't tell you how they feel.

My priority in the treatment room is for your child to be comfortable: This means that some of our time is dedicated to getting to know each other and playing. Only once this relationship is established, can I make sure I give your child the best treatment possible.

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