Should I stand perchance

and gaze upon your shore

while your waves they dance

—abrupt and still.

Where my thoughts

shall spill


Deep into your emerald depth

it is much

as what I seek

likened by your clarity.

Beneath a mirror

—tinted zephyr

here I stood

dreaming awake

fifteen years to the day.

For my gladness

you have given

and my wish as true

as your hue is blue.

It is in your reflection of me

that I will always see

a storm-savaged sea

amongst waves of tranquility.

Floated by your youth

upon a buoyant breeze

with your water and your sand

you took me by the hand

and so I swam

through the depths of you

so deep and blue

so tried and true.

Buddy Love

Gardnerville, Nevada