The foreign language department of South Tahoe High School would like to express gratitude to the Lake Tahoe Educational Foundation for the generous grant that was recently awarded to provide some relatable and rigorous novels in Spanish that will promote literacy for our students. The natural curiosity to read a book in Spanish is one that should be fostered, and now we can provide them with the extra opportunities to challenge themselves.

One particular student that is thrilled about this new addition to the reading library would like to say to you, LTEF, "¡Gracias por las novelas fantásticas! Leer novelas es la mejor manera de aprender español." Translated that means: "Thank you for the fantastic novels! Reading novels in the best way to learn Spanish."

We truly appreciate your generosity and will continue to love and cherish these novels that will be used for many years to come.

Jayme Miller, Marissa Wahl, & Tim Wright