We moved to the Carson Valley area in August 2012, and, not long after, met Joe and his family. Our sons went to school together and became fast friends, and our friendship with Joe and Teresa began.

Since then, I've grown to truly appreciate and admire Joe's commitment to the community we all share. He's a strong advocate for our youth and seniors.

Maybe some of you remember an old TV series from the '60s called "Gunsmoke." OK, don't laugh!

Sure, it was just a fictional TV show, but the underlying values, integrity, vision, and attitude displayed by the main character embody how Joe lives his personal and professional life.

What Joe is … He's a man who truly cares about the people who make up this community. He's a man of humility. He's a man for truth and justice, even when it's not popular. He's a family man.

Joe has our vote!

David & Robin Futch

Gardnerville, Nevada