We are a community divided. Even amongst the varying factions involved in the Vacation House Rental issue, there is division and contention. We need to figure this out — together.

The immediate answer is a temporary moratorium on the issuance of any new VHR permits by El Dorado County. I know that VHR proponents will argue that this doesn't solve current VHR problems, It does, however, accomplish a few things:

It would stop the significant influx of new VHRs until we can design a new ordinance that has enforcement teeth and a County entity to handle VHRs. In four months, we've seen 109 new permits approved – a 14 percent increase.

It makes it easier for the County to create a cap on VHR numbers when the time comes as numbers will remain constant.

It will increase the speed in which we deal with this issue. The residents will want a solution because the moratorium is temporary, and the VHR supporters will want to keep things in check because potential for new rentals will have stopped. The Board of Supervisors will scramble because new revenues will cease until a solution is reached.

VHRs may not be going away, but neither are the residents whose lives have been upended. We will see this through until we get peace in our neighborhoods and stop having to be the enforcement arm for the County. And keep in mind – this issue damages the VHR industry. The negative publicity is bad for business and the neighbors of VHRs are none too friendly towards the visitors. Word will get around that Tahoe is not a nice place to visit.

All of the residents complaining about VHRs are voters in El Dorado County. The same cannot be said for all of the VHR owners, realtors and management companies.

Leona Allen

El Dorado County