The City Council has no one to blame but themselves should a ballet measure prohibiting VHR's in R1 zones comes to pass.

An amendment to the existing ordinance proposed by the City's VHR subcommittee members Mayor David and Council Member Sass was something that myself and other year around residents would have been willing to give a try. However, the abrupt and unanticipated last minute reversal by Mayor David and Councilmember Jason Collin triggered the ballet measure promoted by TNG officials.

Should this measure pass, or even not, there will no doubt be political impacts for this City Council as well as economical and legal issues that will persist which will further degrade community relationships and prosperity.

Mayor David and the City Council have both an opportunity and an obligation to find middle ground with TNG officials to head off with what could become a lengthy legal battle regardless of the outcome of the ballet measure. I would also expect TNG officials to be willing to enter into such talks.

It is however, the obligation of our elected city representatives to seek out such a compromise and avert a "created crises" that they will inflict upon our community.

Ty Spencer

South Lake Tahoe, California