All of the stupid walkouts and marches do nothing but alleviate peer pressure. In the current case I can only imagine the ostracism any teen would get if they don't go with the flow. The chant is always to "do something!" If they are looking to Congress for action, they should realize that Congress hasn't done anything useful for about 12 years.

You would think that if any of the thousands of people who participate in these actions had a functional brain, a specific action could be proposed that would do whatever they are looking for to be done. About gun control, they might suggest that Obama's gun control policies be followed.

Oh yeah, he had his attorney general transfer over twelve hundred of these "assault rifles" to the Mexican drug cartels where they have killed Mexican citizens. I guess that's OK! If the U.S. would just open the borders to them, they wouldn't be killed.

If media did not pander to the public's taste for all the gory details, these copy cat domestic terrorists wouldn't have a model to follow.

I want to propose a specific action that can be taken by all these activists. Boycott any advertiser that pays to keep these news outlets going and I bet they would stop the incessant sensationalism they now practice. Money talks!

Harold Parks

Meyers, California