South Shore is the scene for hip-hop this week, as six days after Blackalicious' gig at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Oakland-based artist The Grouch takes the stage at Whiskey Dick's Saloon.

"Humbly beginning on a 4-track recorder nearly 15 years ago, The Grouch has steadily grown into one of the prominent figures within the independent hip-hop scene," states the artist's Facebook biography.

"Known for captivating his listeners with his down-to-earth and truthfully poignant raps and production, The Grouch has successfully released over nine solo projects making [2009's] 'Three Eyes Off The Time' his tenth solo release."

In the years that have passed since "Three Eyes," The Grouch has collaborated with Zion I on 2011's "Heroes In the Healing of the Nation," released the solo album "Lighthouses" in 2014, and worked with a mix of other artists including The Polish Ambassador, Scott Nice and Eligh on EPs and singles.

"In addition to his solo career, The Grouch has played an integral part in building the Living Legends brand, sound and image," continues the Facebook bio.

The group — founded in 1995 by The Grouch, Sunspot Jonz and Luckyjam — is currently comprised of the latter two founders, along with the MCs and DJs known as Aesop, Bicasso, Eligh and Scarub.

The Grouch performs along with DJ Fresh on Friday, March 30, at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the show. Purchases are conducted in person via The Spot and Whiskey Dick's, or online at

Learn more about the show at, and about The Grouch at

— Lake Tahoe Action