Editor's note: The following is an open letter penned by local businessman Ted Kennedy.

Dear Mayor David,

Hello, my name is Ted Kennedy — I am a partner in the following businesses in town: Base camp pizza; Azul Latin Kitchen; California Burger Co.; Poke Rok; Outpost Brewery; Ten Crows BBQ; Lakeside Beach House; Social House Deli; Human Potential Speakeasy; Tahoe Stewards.

I believe we've met briefly — and I heard you speak at the CEO meeting last month, very impressive. I don't want to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong and I CERTAINLY don't know all of the facts, but I'd like to humbly give you my 2 cents on the Nancy situation.

I've opened businesses in 20 different cities and towns in California in my previous life as director of real estate for Boston Market. The experience I've had dealing with Nancy and the government in general here in South Tahoe (which at some level is a credit to her) is by FAR the best I've had. Proactive, positive, helpful and fair.

I've been extremely impressed with the access and efficiency of Nancy and her staff and I do not believe that happens by accident. There are always challenges and naysayers, but organizations do not perform at this level by accident.

Whatever Nancy's failings are, and we all have them, they certainly aren't reflected in the communication and services provided by the city that she is the manager of.

Again, sorry if I am commenting where I shouldn't but I thought it only fair that I let you know my thoughts.

Very, very respectfully,

Ted Kennedy