Nick Griffin

It's been a long time since comedian Nick Griffin has appeared up here — he used to be based out of Los Angeles and did very well, but once he became a New Yorker things really started to accelerate for him. New York fits Griffin's temperament more, and the tight-knit comedy community there immediately embraced him. What a difference from his Midwest upbringing — he began performing at the age of 19 in Kansas City. After his stint in Los Angeles co-writing scripts for movies, Griffin headed east and quickly became a regular at the Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY and Gotham Comedy Club.

Griffin has many comedy credentials; some of his most impressive include appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," along with his own Comedy Central special and the nationally syndicated "The Bob & Tom Show."

A Nick Griffin show tends to be insightful and observational with a touch of sarcasm. He has a passion for movies (horror, sci-fi and cult are his favorites) and holding a few dark discussions on life. In addition to scripts, Griffin has also written full-blown screenplays with his best stuff being the ones that are somewhat dark in nature.

Griffin said he enjoys performing in Tahoe because he feels safe here, which allows him to concentrate more on his writing and less on having to worry about making bad decisions. He sums it up best by saying, "Things have been okay lately, which is huge for me because I always expect the worst."

Rick D'Elia

Boston comic Rick D'Elia middles this week. In addition to his comedy, D'Elia is also a producer and an avid Red Sox fan. The performer co-authored a book ("How to Talk to a Yankee Fan") with Andy Wasif — New Yorkers wouldn't appreciate it, but they have to admit it's a funny read. D'Elia also appeared on "Stand-up Stand-up," "America's Talking," "Grand Slam Comedy Jam," "The Naked Truth" and on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

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