El Dorado County has landed on a location for a rescheduled meeting on vacation home rentals.

The board of supervisors will meet at South Tahoe Middle School, 2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd., on Saturday, March 3, from 1-3 p.m.

The meeting is a continuation of one that started Feb. 1 at the Lake Tahoe Airport. Supervisors had convened the meeting in South Lake Tahoe City Council chambers to consider "conceptual changes" to the code governing vacation home rentals (VHRs), such as permitting, violations, occupancy, enforcement, parking and more, the Tribune previously reported.

Around 15 minutes into the meeting the South Lake Tahoe fire marshal alerted county officials that the room was over capacity. Council chambers has a max occupancy of 112 people, but the marshal counted over 150, not including the groups of people waiting out in the lobby unable to fit in the room or hear the meeting.

VHRs have been a contentious issue in the community, with some arguing they are a vital part of the local economy and others arguing the proliferation of VHRs is negatively impacting quality of life in residential neighborhoods.