Electro-funk is the star on North Shore this weekend, as Arizona-based Spafford headlines a Crystal Bay venue.

"Composed of Brian Moss (guitar), Jordan Fairless (bass), Andrew 'Red' Johnson (keys) and Cameron Laforest (drums), Spafford's patented 'electrofunk therapy' has a little bit of something for everyone, offering tastes of rock, funk, electronic, bluegrass, gospel and more," states a release from PFA Media, which classifies the band as possessing "strong vocals, tight harmonies, catchy tunes and captivating live shows."

While Spafford's technicality is off the charts, the group does flaunt flexibility, too.

"[Spafford] is best known for their immense improvisational abilities, which see the band regularly embark on spontaneous and unrehearsed hour-long musical odysseys featuring jams that are patient, meticulous and sonically rich," continues the release.

It's a talent that has earned the group increased recognition in recent years.

"Coming together serendipitously in 2009, the band gained a dedicated fan base in their home state of Arizona and quickly earned a reputation as the Southwest's go-to live act. Through word of mouth, buzz about the group spread, and due to unprecedented demand, their headlining tours consistently sold out venues across the country," states the release.

Since its conception, Spafford has now performed at events including Bonnaroo, Peach Music Festival and Firefly Music Festival.

Catch the band's must-see live show at Crystal Bay Casino on Friday, March 2. The show begins at 9 p.m. and is open to guests at least 21 years of age. Learn more online at http://www.crystalbaycasino.com.

— Lake Tahoe Action