This new business project is definitely a work in progress. Many ideas within the group have been bounced around and debated about what this site and the Skibum brand will be all about. There’s probably more ideas than we have time to implement immediately. Here’s just a few that we are working on;

Expand the product offerings on the site to include more graphics designs, limited edition special collections and expanded accessories to support the Skibum brand on a year round basis.

We have received a lot of requests to develop a wholesale line. That is underway for select retail partners.

Use of our Facebook site to develop a community of Skibums for sharing what is it like to be a Skibum. We are thinking blogs to videos.

Communities are important to Skibums. We would like to develop a network of Skibums that are active in community affairs, active in the support of the less fortunate and active in supporting the sport and joy of skiing and riding.

All of this will take some time as we work through the processes and logistics to make it happen.

We will keep you informed via the Skibum/News blog as we go.