Whiskey Dick's will be the site for high-quality hip hop Friday.

The South Shore venue welcome Bay Area-born artist Andre Nickatina March 8. He'll be joined by Aesop from Living Legends, Sewer Crew and DJ (R)Styles.

Born and raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, Nickatina started his career in the early '90s amid the golden age of hip hop under the name Dre Dog.

His debut album "The New Jim Jones" was as influential as the album cover was controversial (Google it).

In 1996 Dre Dog changed his name to Andre Nickatina. The name change did not slow the growth of his fan-base.

"A favorite at public venues and on college campuses, Andre Nickatina continues to sustain an amazingly loyal fan-base, while engaging new supporters throughout North America," states a press release from Late Nite Productions Marketing. "Nickatina's classic stage show combined with his rare interviews, maintains his mystery and unique musicianship that has spanned two decades."

While Nickatina is hip hop, it's a unique brand of hip hop — not the contrived, radio-ized kind made for the masses. Aside from "Ayo for Yayo," Nickatina's music has remained under the bar of universal of fame, which is for the best. It's music made by a true artist for true fans.

"Nickatina's vision as an artist has been admired by many of his peers as he is seen as one of the last Bay Area Legends who was not only present during the golden-era of Hip-Hop, but one of the few artists who has helped Hip-Hop grow and who has remained ultimately relevant with each successive album he has released."

Tickets are available at the venue or online at http://www.Ticketweb.com. This show is for those 21 and older.

Lean more about Nickatina at nickatina.com.