Even though I respect both Ted Kennedy and Jim Morris, I disagree with both of them and I especially take offense to Jim's comment about "selfish locals and their entitlement attitudes."

It seems when it comes to locals' needs (especially housing) big money wins. I would like to see what percentage of VHRs are actually owned by locals trying to make extra money from a home they have lived in for years. Our housing market is getting squeezed more and more and VHRs don't help the situation. We have expensive condos/timeshares being built but no affordable housing.

I've got an idea, if the Loop Road project goes through how about building the affordable housing first, get all those displaced people settled, THEN start the project! I am all for freedom of property/individual rights but when locals cannot afford to live in the town where they work then there is a problem.

Eric Hellberg

South Lake Tahoe, California