Lake Tahoe Humane Society has started looking into the possibility of selling its current home at 884 Emerald Bay Road.

The news came in a press release earlier this month, which stated that the organization is looking to "square things up financially, build alliances and partnerships, and restore services to the Lake Tahoe community — through intensive and compliant stewardship."

Throughout the new board's first 30 days in office, the group has focused on reviewing documents and finances, assessing priorities, rebuilding the society's reputation, restoring funds via an all-new giving campaign and re-engaging with the community by means of cleanup days.

From there the board members began exploring the organization's next steps, including the idea of selling its headquarters.

"We determined last Sunday to look at talking to commercial real estate agents that we know of and who are familiar with the organization to see what possibilities are out there," said Chantale Hansen, the humane society's secretary.

"It's an important decision we have to make. We're putting a lot of rigor around it, and a lot of conversation about things. We have to look at the very big picture, because there are a lot of implications that come into play."

She added that Lake Tahoe Humane Society currently has approximately $28,000 in its account, and in order to get in the black, it has to raise more funds. At the time of publication, the nonprofit had not met with any potential buyers, and Hansen did not have an idea of how much money selling the property would bring in, noting that it depends on marketplace pricing.

The organization runs completely on donations, and is looking to liquidize other assets such as merchandise in order to increase funding. Lake Tahoe Humane Society will host a garage sale on Saturday, June 2, as part of this mission.

Its Paws for the Cause giving campaign — which began on Friday, May 11 and seeks to increase monetary contributions — is still ongoing.

Additional information and an updated version of the organization's TransPAWrency document (focused on answering the community's questions in one location) will be available online at