skier enjoying spring skiing at Jay Peak Resort

May has been a blast for skiers and snowboarders! Some powder turns to be had in places like Montana, Utah, and Tahoe. Even a Las Vegas ski resort kept the lifts turning into May. And there’s another ski resort to add to the list for skiing in May. This time it’s out East – Jay Peak.

Killington Might Be King, But Jay Is A Prince Of Spring

Killington reigns supreme as the East’s King of Spring, constantly pushing boundaries. Some years, it extends into June. Thanks to its monstrous snowmaking, which beefs up the Superstar trail’s snowpack to nearly three-stories in depth. Meanwhile, Jay Peak also pushes the limits, relying more on natural snow and less on snowmaking.

What Makes Jay Different

a sunny winter's day of Jay Peak Resort
Image appears courtesy: Indy Pass – Jay Peak Resort

While the East is dubbed the ‘ice coast,’ it’s seen as more of a badge of honor than a derogatory term by East Coasters. Jay Peak, however, stands out as a rare powder haven in the area. Similar to renowned snow magnets like Alta and Baker, its location is key. The peak stands almost completely alone in a relatively flat area which allows the orographic effect to work its magic. As such, it creates its own microclimate famously known as the ‘Jay Cloud.’ With an average snowfall of 350 inches per year, it’s the epic winters that truly impress. In 2000-2001, the resort boasted over 571 inches of snow, followed by 417 inches in 2007-08.

May Skiing Is A Normal Thing For Jay

All ski areas love to inflate their numbers. Regardless if the claims are true or not, all that snow takes time to melt, and each winter they aim to stay open until the first Saturday in May. In fact, Jay Peak has been pretty reliable on that end with the exception of the 2019-2020 ski season. Some years, they’ve been able to stay open into Mid-May like this season!

Solid Finish To The Season

Entrance to Jay Peak Ski Area on the 1st weekend of May 2024
Image appears courtesy: Jay Peak Resort

While this season hasn’t been a banner winter, it was a decent one with Jay Peak recording 371 inches. Jay announced they will host one final hurrah and turn the lifts on Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th. The Jet Triple will access their intermediate and advanced terrain on the Jet Trail operating from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

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