Friday, October 14, 2016
3 Seats

Updated Nov. 10: Semi-final results are in.

ELECTED:Matthew Dent (3290 votes)
ELECTED:Philip Horan (2693 votes)
ELECTED: Peter William Morris (2484 votes)
Robert J. Olmer (1797 votes)
Judy Miller (1570 votes)
Paul R. Longshore (1163 votes)

Big advocates of citizens expressing their right to vote, Moonshine Ink chose to bring the local elections of 2016 to our readers in new media fashion. We filmed 60-second spots from every candidate in a contested Tahoe/Truckee race, with the exception of those candidates who chose not to participate. Candidates were allowed to use the 60 seconds however they chose — but they had to stick to the time. Below, we highlight a statement from each film spot that stood out to our team. Check out the full videos and be sure to share them as well.

Judy Miller

"I want Incline and Crystal Bay to be the best place to live in the Tahoe Basin and not become just another tourist mecca. Mr. Horan supports reckless spending. He approved a budget without even seeing the details.”

Peter Morris

“My candidacy is based on five core tenets: transparency, communication, economic sustainability, quality, and family … I believe that the board needs to be more transparent and needs to communicate much better with you, the public.”

Chose not to participate:

Matthew Dent — incumbent

Philip Horan — incumbent

Paul R. Longshore

Robert J. Olmer