Jam band Golden Gate Wingmen formed just under four years ago, but the group is already touring the country — and it makes a stop on North Shore Saturday, April 14.

"Golden Gate Wingmen is a band formed in concept through casual conversation by the musicians recognizing that everyone was available the night that [John] Kadlecik had booked for the first night of his electro-coustic solo tour," states the Crystal Bay Casino website. "In actuality, it was formed on stage during sound check, as this particular group of guys had never played together before in this lineup."

Frontman Kadlecik leads the improvisational outfit, which specializes in rock music. According to his online biography, Kadlecik is "primarily known for being a guitar-slinging sideman to Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir in the band Furthur."

Kadlecik is also a co-founder of Dark Star Orchestra, a Grateful Dead cover band, and has performed improvisational shows since the 1980s.

"Fans can expect both boundary thrashing original music, and material from the song book that they love, forged in an altogether new cauldron, the results of which will be unique to each night's performance," states the Crystal Bay Casino website.

Golden Gate Wingmen perform at the North Shore on Saturday, April 14, at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $25 in advance and climb to $30 on the day of the show. Attendees must be at least 21 years of age.

Purchase tickets and learn more at http://www.crystalbaycasino.com.