It has come to my attention that there may be an erroneous rumor flying around Lake Tahoe with regard to Supervisor Novasel's interaction and participation with Pollock Pines. I am a long-time resident of Pollock Pines having enjoyed many various community positions within Pollock Pines and the county, in general. I am a past principal of our local middle school, executive director of the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines (CEDAPP — now completing its 11th year), an educational service provider for Native American Youth, and an adjunct professor for Brandman University. I have sat on the EDC Economic Development Commission and the most recent Charter Review Committee.

Between my husband, Ken, and myself, we have been members of many community and county-wide organizations since our arrival here almost 16 years ago. I only mention those positions to give some added credibility and berth to my character as I write this letter to you and your readers. We are people in the know.

As such, I can attest to the following accomplishments of Sue in our community, working with every single organization in town, over the past three years.

Supervisor Novasel has:

Worked with EDSO to fight rural crime in PP

Resident Deputy Program

Whack the Burglar Multi-Agency Meeting

Worked to keep PP rural by changing the GP designation from community region to rural region

Been instrumental in buying our Forebay Community Park and attends all community meetings regarding the park

Attended Pollock Pines events, meetings, and projects

Fourth of July parade judge

Economic Planning Meetings

Fire Safe meetings

First Friday Tacos

Fundraisers for many of the organizations

National Night Out

The STARS COME OUT Community Awards Dinner

Wagon Train

Been responsive to citizen inquiries and requests

Respected the suggestions and advice of PP citizens

Has demonstrated with consistency being a team player; leading by collaboration with community members.

To the folks who think she has not been a positive influence and participant in our community, you could not be more wrong. For a person who has two such diverse communities over the course of a mountain's travel, her job as supervisor has been the most challenging, in my humble opinion. However, she has met those challenges head on, with dogged determination to do right by her two communities.

I have only listed a few of the good things that Sue has done for us because the reality is that in a day's time she, like the other supervisors, handles so many more issues and concerns that come across her desk that most of us know nothing about. We couldn't unless we are there to see and hear it.

Finally, the sad thing about elections is that so many people spread wrong information. I urge all voters to take the time to seek out the candidates and get to know them. Ask questions. Learn about their principles and what is of interest to them for the county. And please, don't be a victim of campaign chaos with regard to truthful information.

Jeanne Harper is a longtime and active resident of Pollock Pines.