For the first time, Lake Tahoe Community College has a student newspaper — The 1974, named in honor of the year of LTCC's founding.

This publication, created by the new student Journalism Club in partnership with the Office of Student Life at LTCC, will come out once per quarter crammed with interesting stories, feature articles, interviews with interesting Coyotes from around campus, advice from the Coyote columnist, student club updates, and much more.

The 1974 welcomes contributions from community members, including story ideas or finished pieces to share with our campus and community. We'll also have advertising space available for getting the word out about great deals and opportunities to our students.

A little about me: my name is Blue Balcita, and I am the student news editor of The 1974. This is my first quarter as a student at LTCC. I came from nearby Quincy, having graduated from Feather River College with an AA in general studies: social and behavioral sciences.

I also founded the school newspaper at FRC, called Voices of the Eagles. When I stepped through the doors of LTCC, I immediately noticed that the only source of news available on campus was the Coyote Chronicle — a tri-weekly, one-page update of campus events produced by the Office of Student Life.

I decided to take my experience from Feather River College and start a student newspaper at LTCC. I felt it could enrich student life at LTCC beyond what the Coyote Chronicle was providing — promoting events that can be part of enjoying a complete college experience is important, but there are other stories to tell and perspectives to share that our community and campus would find meaningful.

So, I partnered with the Office of Student Life and started a Journalism Club to recruit student writers to be part of this new newspaper effort. We named it The 1974 because we wanted to honor LTCC's past while starting something brand-new that looked forward into the future.

In the first edition of The 1974, available online at, we covered everything from the student housing crisis to profiles of new faces around campus to a look back at LTCC's history.

In the upcoming Winter edition, we are planning to cover stories around the rise in student homelessness, the effect that City Council has on the lives of students, what it's really like to work in the local restaurant industry, and so much more.

Tribune readers also will be able to see some articles by The 1974 in the Tribune thanks to a collaborative effort between the Tribune and myself to unite both sources of news. Next week you can read my coverage on the rise of homelessness in South Lake Tahoe.

The 1974 staff and I hope to become a larger source for news not found elsewhere here in South Lake Tahoe. With that in mind, we plan to develop and launch a news program called Coyote News, with our first show expected to be completed in late winter quarter, likely in March. We are still working on the different ways that we will broadcast our program, but we will let you know once the program is established.

The Journalism Club at Lake Tahoe Community College is excited to have made LTCC history, and we hope that the community will join us in moving forward in creating future editions.

Not all submissions and advertisements will be included in our newspaper and they will be under my discretion. If you have any questions, or would like to submit an idea or story, or if you'd like to submit an advertisement, send an email to the Journalism Club at

Blue Balcita is the student news editor of The 1974, Lake Tahoe Community College's new student newspaper.