I respectfully disagree with the title, much of the content and the conclusion of this opinion column: "Congress actually doing something on gun violence."

Congress has not done anything to stop the killing of children and adults except to wait for the outrage of each killing to fade away after each reported catastrophic event.

The article talks about Switzerland. The Swiss reservists are professional soldiers trained to use firearms with the understanding of firearm usage.

The population of Germany, UK, Italy and France is about 275 million versus the U.S. with 325 million.

The total number of homicides by firearms in Germany, UK, Italy and France was about 710 in 2016.

The total number of homicides by firearms in the US was about 11,000 in 2016.

What are the differences between most Western countries and the US:

Strict gun laws such as:

Long waiting period

Thorough National Police check

Justification to own a firearm

No automatic firearms such as AR-15 available

No public gun shows

The 2nd Amendment was adopted Dec. 15, 1791 when muskets were used. The world has evolved, but the 2nd Amendment has not.

It probably took 30 to 60 seconds to reload a musket. An AR-15 can shoot 60-100 bullets per minute.

Why do civilians need a semiautomatic weapon? To fight a potential UN invasion as I have been told by an NRA member?

Please read the following URL where the NRA has given nine Senators $22 million to vote down gun laws: reverbpress.com/politics/nra-pays-senators-millions/.

And as to the conclusion of the article:

"Despite profanity-laced calls to congressmen, periodic walk outs and a hue and cry for 'action now' it looks like Congress is making real progress in identifying and counter-acting the root cause of homicide insanity"

How long does it take to identify the problem(s)?

The problem is simple. It is called: GREED and CORRUPTION!

The solution is simple. It took 12 days for Australia legislature to adopt a strict gun law in 1996 with "zero mass shooting" since.

How many decades has Congress been working on a solution?

Leon Malmed is an author, South Shore resident and outraged U.S. citizen.