Whistler Camp of Champions closes summer camp snowboarding

For those following the ski season in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been a tough ride. This year marked a rare cancellation of the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker. Adding to the disappointment, Whistler/Blackcomb has announced the cancellation of summer skiing, including all summer camps.


Per Whistler Blackcomb’s Communications Manager Dane Gergovich:

“Whistler Blackcomb is unable to host camps during the 2024 summer on the Horstman Glacier. This decision was not made lightly – we know these camps, and this experience, have a long history at our resort. Unfortunately, the conditions related to this season’s snowfall prevent summer camps to safely operate this year.”

Was It REALLY That Bad?

While it’s true that Whistler experienced a warm winter with high snow levels, was it as dire as they made it out to be? Let’s delve into the season’s overview, courtesy of Tony Crocker for graciously sharing his insights. The Pacific Northwest overall saw its consistent storms, with Whistler receiving 382 inches, roughly 96% of normal. However, this came with a big asterisk. During November and December, the region’s snowfall was at 49% of the normal levels, making it the 4th lowest in the past 52 years. In fact, Whistler stood as the sole option for Thanksgiving skiing in the PNW, a rarity, with only 7% of their terrain open. Let’s face it though, those two months were challenging across the board in North America.


A One-Two Punch

In early December when the storms finally hit, the 2-3+ feet of snow was accompanied by over 5 inches of rainfall. To grasp the severity of the situation you need to take a close look at the holiday period. Base depths hovered in the 2-3 foot range, and open terrain at Whistler ranked in the lowest 10th percentile of the past 28 years! This pattern persisted throughout most of the winter like a broken record. While February saw some consistent snowfall, it fell short of replenishing the snowpack. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, by mid-March, unseasonably warm weather ushered in spring conditions.

The Writings Been On The Cliff Wall

Horstman Glacier at Whistler Blackcomb offering summer skiing
Image appears courtesy: Momentum Summer Ski Camp

Sure, it’s been a rough winter but the Horstman Glacier has been receding at a ferocious clip for decades. To illustrate, when we announced the cancellation of the iconic Camp of Champions, the founder reminisced about a rock he used as a seat back in 1989 to strap in, which by 2017 had ascended over 140 feet up the cliff wall overlooking the glacier! As one would expect, the glacier’s rapid melt has persisted, leading the resort to even remove the Horstman T-Bar in 2021.

Was last winter the final season for Whistler/Blackcomb to host a summer camp on their glaciers? It’s uncertain. However, for those of us still itching to hit the slopes for summer skiing or snowboarding, take a look at our article: “Are You A Snow Addict? Where To Go Skiing In June.

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