Recently, a few people on Facebook have posted complaints about personnel and service at Barton Hospital. I've had a different experience…

Frankly I love our little local hospital.

From my perspective, Barton has been excellent. I've always been treated with great care, compassion and experienced a high degree of medical excellence.

From their E.R. to their various specialists, my injuries, illnesses and overall health have been handled with exceptional professionalism and at a very high level.

Just yesterday I had a Baker's cyst explode in the back of my knee from a prior knee injury.

They could have kept me waiting for days while I suffered, but my orthopedist, Allison Ganong and her whole team including her nurses and two radiologists, stayed late while it was again dumping snow to take great care of me.

And that's not unique. I've had many good experiences at Barton.

From the physical therapists who have helped me rehab multiple injuries, to the ER team that has seen, triaged and helped me, to the radiologists who have taken great pictures of me through more than a dozen X-rays and MRIs.

I've had stitches, was seen, treated, and rehabbed for a totally blown knee, and had a ruptured disc with spinal nerve pressure repaired where an out-of-state specialist had failed.

Frankly, I think I'm very well-qualified to opine on Barton; and my opinion is that for a small, resort-town hospital that also treats a large indigent population they have highly skilled people, excellent ethical standards and very good efficiency of care.

Others may have had different experiences, but I've had enough that if Barton was as bad as some people claim, I would have had at least one really frustrating experience. I'm still waiting for it to happen.

Keep doing what you do, Team Barton. In my book, you rock!

Oliver Starr

South Lake Tahoe, California