April 25 was administrative assistant day. The nice thing about days that recognize roles is that it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge how much we appreciate the people in them.

The South Lake Tahoe Fireman's Association wants to say thank you to Sallie Ross-Filgo. Sallie is the assistant to Fire Chief Jeff Meston for South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue. She has an extremely full plate, not to mention having to answer questions for the fire personnel she works around every day.

Sallie has a no-nonsense way about her that keeps us all in line, but also is the most compassionate and loving person who we all adore. She brightens the office for all of us and we just love her.

Sallie, thank you so much for all you do and how much you care about each of us. We don't quite know how you do it all, but sincerely, thank you.

The South Lake Tahoe Fireman's Association