It's women's week for the funny starting with one of my all time personal favorites: Kat Simmons.

I've often joked that if Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett had a kid it would be Kat Simmons. Oh, and her uncle would be Red Skelton — all of whom are a few of her greatest influences.

Kat is not only funny but also a physical comedian who uses her physical abilities, weaving in and out of different bits. She's performed all over the country as a solo artist and for a spell as part of an ensemble group called The 3 Blonde Moms.

She's done all the big rooms such as The Improv, Catch A Rising Star and too many more to mention here. She's been on Comedy Central, Fox's Comedy Tonight and yes, even "Candid Camera."

Kat won the eWomen Network's international talent contest in Dallas in 2009 and in a couple of weeks will be doing her very first TedTalk entitled, "Discovering the 'Me' in CoMEdy" about one's identity and how you reinvent yourself after being branded in one particular way for so long. I'm not sure if I'm close … but I think you get the gist of it.

Kat also is a sketch comic having performed with ensemble groups and is quite an actress too. Her comedy is based on real life situations that everyone can relate to. She's quick witted and very versatile. Kat has worked the entire spectrum in the comedy field from comedy clubs, theaters to casinos and huge private functions. In fact, because her act is 'clean' she's in-demand for large corporate functions and even motivational speaking, too.

When she has time she teaches these very successful comedy classes for both those interested in pursuing a career in stand up and those who want to feel more comfortable speaking to a large group of people. Kat has performed with Tim Allen, Kevin Nealon, Kenny Rogers and even the legendary motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar.

You can experience Kat Sunday, March 10, when she headlines Howie's House of Comedy in The Loft Tahoe located in the Heavenly Village.

Howie's House of Comedy at The Loft starts at 9 p.m. Sundays.

Japhet at The Carson Comedy Club

Sherry Japhet headlines the Carson Comedy Club this weekend. Never have I met someone who was destined to find her voice doing comedy just to maintain her sanity. If she hadn't gone into comedy I'm guessing she'd still be paying off therapy sessions.

Born in Texas on a bustling Air Force Base to an American GI and his Thai bride, Sherry was pretty much destined for comedy.

At the age of 6, her dad moved the family to a small town in Idaho and shortly thereafter her parents divorced.

She spent the rest of her childhood being raised by her single, white dad. That's 20 minutes of solid gold material right there.

A lot of it was obviously based on her struggle to understand her foreign-born mother and striving to find her identity in a closed-minded town.

To this day Sherry still doesn't understand how she went from a public school flunky, to an attention deficit adult in her early 30s.

Her stuff is definitely real and very funny.

Shows at the Carson Comedy Club start at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Must be 21 or older.