I picked up early last year on the name of Jessica Morse, well-qualified to possibly dump incumbent Tom McClintock (4th Congressional District) in the 2018 elections. Others came forth. Jessica was the one who caught on, going the mill to become the party nominee.

The others said they would drop out, so there could be at least ONE viable challenger to McClintock making it through the top-two primary election (absentee ballots go out May 7).

Now the others play spoilers — saying they will NOT drop out. The rules of the top-two primary system could hand the CD04 seat again to McClintock. This is not politics at its best.

A vote for Jessica Morse in the June primary could give us a clear shoot-out between Tom McClintock and Jessica Morse in the November election. But a vote in the primary for one of the others could help re-elect McClintock.

William D. Bandes

Roseville, California