As a retired FBI agent (1989-2014) who was blessed to have lived and served in El Dorado county for 25 years, I like a good mystery. Some may be wondering why a veteran prosecutor like Trish Kelliher would run against her boss – a DA who has been in office for 12 years and is running for still another four-year term?

The solution is this. Trish is everything her opponent is not. She is not an aspiring professional politician, just a quiet professional who does amazing work. Trish does not call attention to herself, but she has the three C's that make a great District Attorney.

Competent: Her opponent acknowledged this by assigning her to the toughest cases in the office — cold case homicides, particularly no-body homicides. Trish is a career prosecutor whom I would rate as the best trial attorney I ever worked with — federal or state.

Collaborative: Trish is a strong leader and knows how to make tough decisions. She also knows that bringing law enforcement partners together produces the best results for the people of El Dorado County. She has never been a "my way or the highway" attorney. She is open to good ideas, whomever brings them to the table. And she is tough but fair with defense attorneys.

Compassionate: Just ask the families of Richard Swanson or Alexander Olive. Trish gave comfort to those families, whose young sons were murdered in the 1980s, by gaining convictions in recent years. I also saw her navigate unprecedented challenges when Jaycee Dugard was found. Trish brought resources to bear for her and her family which were instrumental in Jaycee's amazing reunion and recovery.

Please vote for Trish Kelliher for El Dorado County District Attorney.

Chris Campion

South Lake Tahoe, California