The California Democratic Party and the El Dorado County Central Committee have endorsed Silke Plueger.

Her main priorities are:

Affordable and accessible healthcare for all Californians, including those in rural areas.

Fire resiliency and preparation.

Climate change measures that protect our farming communities and winter tourism economy.

Affordable housing so that people can live in the community where they work.

Infrastructure improvements to support our economies.

On the ballot, Silke is facing off against four Republicans and one person who is identified as a Democrat, Steven Baird. Baird ran as a Republican against Ted Gaines in 2016 and then changed his party affiliation to Democrat.

In April 2016, Baird participated in a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters. At that time Baird told the audience he would be considered a climate change denier. At that same forum Baird stated that he was at the forefront of the State of Jefferson movement.

This past week Baird announced that he is withdrawing from the Senate Race. Unfortunately his name will appear on the ballot.

Silke, from Truckee, will best represent the values of the Lake Tahoe basin. Please vote for her to ensure that a person who shares democratic values is on the ballot June 4.

Susan Chandler

Chair, South Lake Tahoe Democratic Club