This letter is for anyone in Incline Village, Nev., who may know my sister, and brother-in-law.

My sister is: Mrs. Cathy Jane Edwards. My brother-in-law is: Mr. Tom Edwards. They both reside in Incline,and the last time I saw them they owned and operated the Paddle Wheel Restaurant & Lounge. I heard that my sister Cathy got into real estate there also. (I'm not sure about that.) Heard it from another family member?

I'm looking for my sister because I haven't spoken to her in close to 25 years. We just lost contact. She had her life and family to take care of, and I had my life to take care of. (No bad blood.) We just lost contact, and I am trying to find her to tell her that her little brother Jimmy is still alive and well, and loves and misses her very much.

Just because we lost contact, it doesn't mean I stopped caring about her. I've just been busy and so has she.

So if anyone in Incline Village knows my sister or brother-in-law, please give them all my best wishes, and that I hope and pray all is well for them. You can call if you want — 510-437-0325 — and I hope you do.

I miss you Cathy Jane and Tom. Your little brother will be 59 in March, and is in good health except a little arthritis in my shoulder. I'm good, living and working in Oakland (for myself). Tony is not with us anymore, G.R.H.S. It sure would be nice to talk to you. And maybe you might have your sisters phone number?

I haven't spoken to Linda and David in as long, as well. Man, I feel like a smuck for loosing contact like that.

Lord, where dose the time go? I hope and pray you see or hear of this letter to the editor.

Thank you Tahoe Daily Tribune & Swift Communications for helping me find my sister.


James Leone

Oakland, California