A ballot Measure that would ban all vacation home rentals in South Lake Tahoe residential areas appears on its way to passing, according to the latest election update posted Friday.

The tally on Measure T stands at 3,517 “yes” votes (50.42 percent) and 3,458 “no” votes (49.58 percent). Turnout at the city level is at 65 percent (7,126 votes out of 10,959 registered voters).

The 59-vote lead is a slight increase compared to the previous update released on Nov. 16. Those results pegged the “yes” votes at 3,284 (50.36 percent) and the “no” votes at 3,237 (49.64 percent).

Linda Webster, assistant registrar of voters for El Dorado County, told the Tribune at the time of the last update that 525 conditional voter registrations and approximately 2,600 provisional ballots remained unprocessed countywide.

Friday’s election update marks an increase of 2,907 ballots countywide. The update is the final one before certified election results are released next week.

Final election results must be submitted to the California Secretary of State's Office by Dec. 7.

Once results are certified, the public has five days to request a recount. That must be done in writing to the local election official.

Measure T made its way onto the ballot after a successful citizen-led petition effort. The question asked voters if they wanted to eliminate vacation home rentals outside the tourist core and commercial areas in three years.

Full-time residents would have the ability to rent out their home up to 30 days per year. Any future changes would need to be put to a vote of the people.

As previously reported, the measure generated a great deal of interest and was top of mind for some local voters on Election Day.

Leading up to Election Day, the effort to defeat Measure T garnered hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of which came from large groups and companies including the National Association of Realtors.