There's a lot of energy in our local Congressional District (CA04). For the first time in years we have a candidate who will challenge the incumbent. Jessica Morse is the complete package. She's an experienced professional, earning the respect of her peers, several of whom joined Team Morse as skilled organizers. Her team is top notch, many home-grown, ready to do the hard work to make her campaign succeed and she's inspired dozens of volunteers! She's consistently outraised the incumbent and has ample resources to get her message to voters.

Jessica's message is clear. She supports access to affordable, quality healthcare for all. (Her opponent voted to take away healthcare from thousands of people in our district.) Jessica supports a goal of universal healthcare and a pathway to get there.

Jessica Morse is a fifth generation Californian! She's walked the John Muir Trail and understands our need to preserve and protect the land we love. She supports increased investment in clean energy, creating new jobs for a new economy, while defending our public lands.

Jessica Morse understands our need for local control of precious water resources. She's committed to rebuilding Sierra watersheds, conserving and protecting our aquifers. She'll be a leader working to Keep Tahoe Blue collaborating with our U.S. Senators in DC for federal funding.

Jessica has studied our fire threat. She understands prevention is more cost effective than cleaning up catastrophic wildfires. She will fight to fund forest management, something she has done on her family's land in El Dorado County.

Please support the real leader for our region! Check out her excellent website: to learn more about Jessica. You'll be glad you did.

I'm voting for Jessica Morse in the California primary on June 5. I'll be voting by mail early! I urge you to also.

Theresa May Duggan

Tahoe Vista, California