Our congressperson, Mr. McClintock, pays too much attention to national issues and national donors, and not enough attention to our district. In 10 years, he has accomplished nothing.

We have serious issues: fire prevention, water storage, and skill training for good-paying jobs. McClintock's solutions of more logging and dams will not work.

Mr. McClintock jokes that the earth was warmer at the time of the dinosaurs. Fire danger and drought are not jokes. For-profit logging will not create and maintain fire breaks around our population centers. It will not thin the trees within our communities. Most of the fire breaks will be in brush and grass lands, not forests. The old growth is gone. Harvesting the new growth is not profitable

Good dam sites were taken long ago. Underground water storage will store more water at lower cost. It has been used in LA for over 100 years.

Jessica Morse has worked in public service for most of her adult life. She worked for the U.S. State Department and USAID, presenting and tracking billions of dollars of projects. She was an advisor to the U.S. Pacific Command, and a USAID civilian in Iraq during reconstruction. In each position, she demonstrated strong team-building skills and made strong contributions. Testimonials from her supervisors attest that she is a team player, who jumps in, and gets things done.

Jessica Morse can be a great congress person. She naturally connects well with people. She grew up outside of Sacramento and has hunted, fished and hiked in the mountains. She works well in teams and gets things done.

Jessica Morse understands and supports solutions for the serious issues we face. She will focus on our district and our people. She will get things done for us.

Marvin Keshner

Sonora, California