South Lake Tahoe's Whiskey Dick's Saloon hosts two out-of-this-world gigs this week with performances from local outlaw country group Cash Only Band and hip-hop outfit Space Kamp on Saturday, June 2, and Friday, June 8, respectively.

Cash Only Band is a prominent Lake Tahoe band that is no stranger to many venues around the basin.

The country rock show begins at 9 p.m. on Saturday and is free to attend.

Nearly one week later, Pennsylvania-based Space Kamp takes the stage at the same time on Friday. The trio, comprised of MCs Adoo, Oskee and Split D, dropped its debut album ("Terpene Station") in fall 2017.

"Watch and listen as they turn on, tune in, and drop out; marrying high-energy delivery with medicine-induced bars and hooks, spacey loops and modern drums," states Space Kamp's online biography.

The hip-hop show costs $10 to attend and features other artists including Doe The Unknown and Deeday The Scorpion.

Space Kamp has a message for all who attend, according to its bio: "Leave your ego at home. Where we're going, you won't need it. Take off!"

Whiskey Dick's Saloon is located at 2660 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

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