Friday, April 14, 2017
Ally Gravina, Moonshine Ink Staff
April 22, Incline Village

Info: free; April 22; 12-5 p.m.; Sierra Nevada College’s Holman Arts and Media Center; 1008 Tahoe Blvd., Incline Village; (775) 831-1314;

Printmaking, and more specifically woodcutting, is an art technique that dates back to 13th century China and the Han dynasty. It is a method of printing that involves carving an image onto a surface of wood, covering it with ink, and laying it on a flat surface — think of using a stamp; same idea.

More recently, woodcutting has been used by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Vincent van Gogh, and William S. Rice — to name a few.

This month, the age-old technique comes to Sierra Nevada College, on a massive scale, with the Sierra Squish Steamroller Print and Art Festival. The main event of the festival uses a steamroller. Yes, the heavy slow-moving vehicle with a roller, used to flatten surfaces, will be used to make large-scale prints. Twelve individual artists and 50 middle and high school students have created blocks ranging in size from 3’x3’ to 3’x5’ to be printed on the day of the event.

“For me, I want people to know the importance of printmaking,” Mary Kenny, associate professor of fine arts, said.

The day will also include various artist booths. Atelier will have a hands-on demonstration, Bona Fide Books is bringing their mini printing press, and Blue Wolf Studios and Riverside Studios will be selling their goods onsite.

Kenny cited Truckee Thursdays as an inspiration for Sierra Squish. Stating that Incline Village needed an event to organize the area’s artists to show off their craft and sell their goods.

To help fund the rental of the steamroller and the purchase of materials, an Indiegogo fund has been created.