person enjoying spring skiing at Arizona Snowbowl

Are you ready to get your mind blown? We thought it was absolutely insane that a Las Vegas ski area was able to stay open until May. Now, brace yourself because, for the first time in history, Arizona Snowbowl is keeping their lifts running into June!

It Snows in Arizona?

When you think of Arizona, the first thing that comes to mind is heat. Triple-digit heat. Desert dry heat. Phoenix’s average temperature in winter is a balmy upper 60s through December and January. It averages 300 days of sunshine per year. Snow isn’t in the forecast. Yet, just over two hours to the north lies an oasis for skiers and snowboarders—the city of Flagstaff and Arizona Snowbowl. On average, the ski area receives 200 inches of snow per year.

How the Hell or Skier’s Heaven?

We know that El Niño delivered big in the latter part of the ski season, but skiing into June? A lot of things need to go right. First off, you need A LOT of snow. Arizona Snowbowl can check this box. You’ve read this before in countless late-season posts—2022-23 was one of the snowiest winters in recent memory, though the honor of the snowiest goes to 1948-49. Even so, 2023-24 will be remembered as another hefty season for Arizona Snowbowl, with 281 inches of snow.

It’s Not Just How Deep But How It Came

On April 27th 19 inches of snow over 24 hours and 25 inches over 48 hours! – Image appears courtesy: Arizona Snowbowl

Then it comes down to how it came. Old man winter decided to show up late and party like it’s Snowmageddon. A whopping 55 inches fell in April alone, including a storm that dropped 19 inches in 24 hours. It even snowed on May 11th! This combination of cold weather and snowy conditions works wonders for making a snowpack last.

Two More Weekends of Fun!

Image appears courtesy: Arizona Snowbowl

So, they decided to not let it go to waste and they’re re-opening for skiing and snowboarding on Memorial Day weekend, (Friday, May 24th – Monday, May 27th) and then again on Saturday, June 1st for the latest closing date Snowbowl and the state of Arizona in history. The Arizona Gondola will be the only lift spinning for both Memorial Day weekend & closing day, offering access to advanced terrain for the low price of $19!

What To Expect

The goal this late in the year isn’t about experiencing perfect spring skiing conditions, but to enjoy the novelty of it. Even so, there are things you can do to combat sticky snow. With that mindset, you’ll have an unforgettable day. And most of all bragging rights to tell your grandkids that I skied in JUNE IN ARIZONA!!!


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