SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — South Tahoe Public Utility District has been awarded the Excellence in Technology Practices Award from Municipal Information Systems Association of California. One of only 22 recipients throughout the entire state of California, the district was recognized for its exemplary information technology practices.

Excellence award winners represent agency IT functions that are truly the best of the best. Recipients of this award subject themselves to a detailed and comprehensive audit performed by a team of their peers from other MISAC member agencies. In order for an agency to receive distinction, they must prove that they have exceeded industry standards in technology focused areas such as: Customer Satisfaction, Budget and Strategic Planning, Purchasing, Operation and Staffing, Professional Development and Training, Disaster Preparation and Recovery, Policies and Procedures, and Security.

“I am extremely proud of the Information Technology team and their dedication to excellence,” said Information Technology Manager Chris Skelly. “I am excited that we are once again being recognized by our peers in the government IT industry as surpassing local government Information Technology standards. This award is a result of the District’s support and investment in technology to efficiently deliver safe, clean drinking water and wastewater treatment services for the South Lake Tahoe community.”

This marks the sixth time since 2014 that the District has received a MISAC Excellence and Quality in Information Technology Achievement Award. Many of the award’s criteria change each year to keep pace with the constant and rapid evolution of technology best practices. As such, maintaining this award takes ongoing vigilance.