The 2023/24 ski season will definitely go down as being one of the most bipolar in recent history. Besides Utah, nearly the entire continent of North America wasn’t spared the dry spell in the early season including Colorado. But the tides have turned from a Las Vegas ski resort that kept the lifts turning into May to Jay Peak keeping its streak alive for skiing into Mother’s Day. It’s been incredible! And here’s the latest twist – Arapahoe Basin has just announced they’re guaranteeing skiing through AT LEAST June.

Longest Season in Colorado

a snowy powder day on May 5th 2024 at Arapahoe Basin
Powder day on May 5th 2024! Image appears courtesy: Arapahoe Basin – Lucas Herbert

The state of Colorado is home to a long list of ski resorts that push the limit of what’s possible for a ski season. Take for instance Copper Mountain, which employs snow-farming techniques to maintain a park all summer long. Then there’s Keystone and Loveland which use snowmaking to attempt to be the first to open. Yet, none rival the scale of Arapahoe Basin, dominating both ends of the calendar. As one of Colorado’s top snowmaking powerhouses, they’re perennial contenders in the race for the earliest opening, often as early as October. That’s why for ski trip planning they’re on our list of the best bets to visit in the early season.

June Skiing is Normal for Arapahoe Basin

For late season skiing, the news of them staying open in June is a pleasant surprise but it isn’t out of the ordinary. Over the past decade, they’ve consistently remained open into June without fail. Remarkably, this streak even held strong during the tumultuous year of 2020, when they reopened in June amid the pandemic. There have even been occasions when they’ve extended their season into July.

How Often You Get To Ski On July 4th

Since it opened in 1946, A-Basin has celebrated the Fourth of July by remaining open five times, with a near miss in 2003 when they held out until July 2 but just couldn’t hold on. The most recent occurrence was in 2019. Their latest closing date on record was August 10th, 1995. Could this happen again? It’s highly unlikely. The original Lenawee Lift had a mid-station, allowing skiers to access the upper portion. And once at the top, you had to walk to the trail you wanted to ski. Nowadays, such a setup wouldn’t be feasible.

How is This Possible?

a snowy powder day on May 5th 2024 at Arapahoe Basin
Powder day on May 5th, 2024 – Image appears courtesy: Arapahoe Basin – Lucas Herbert

While a handful of resorts like Breckenridge and Loveland offer skiing into May, there’s one true legend for spring skiing in Colorado: Arapahoe Basin. Its lofty base elevation of 10,780’, coupled with extensive above-tree-line terrain, guarantees excellent conditions well into spring. What’s another aspect that sets it apart? April reigns as its snowiest month, ensuring a prolonged winter experience. And after a day on the slopes, unwind in the parking lot fondly dubbed the “Beach,” where you can enjoy the spectacle of others descending the mountain while you fire up the grill.

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