In 2020, it’s easy to focus on the negative. From personal & business hardships to continually evolving rules, it can be frustrating. Rather than center on this frustration, it’s uplifting to see local business owners & other community members thriving during these difficult times are lacing up their boots and doing something for the community as a whole through what is being called the Feel Good Campaign.

How The Feel Good Campaign Was Conceived

Luca Gensasci, owner of AleWorX, saw on CNBC a doctor out East was opening up tabs at coffee shops, cafés, and restaurants each night. Then via social media, he let the community know you can go eat or drink on that tab. So, Luca thought why not do this in Lake Tahoe?

The Spark…

Since one of the goals at AleWorX is to give back to the community, he met with his team to figure out what they could do. Piggy backing on this idea for the month of December, everyday AleWorX is opening a $100 tab in a different restaurant in the Tahoe South region. The goal isn’t only to help those having financial hardships or who are hungry. The hope is to spark an even larger movement.

The Movement Gains Momentum

Sidellis Tahoe

And that’s exactly what is happening. The day before Luca opened the first tab, he saw a shocking post on Facebook from the owner of Sidellis. It read that from open to close on a Saturday, they had collected $17 in sales. Rallying the troops, they headed over the next day and opened a tab. It went from $100 up to $2,000 due to others hearing about it and wanting to help out too.

Not Just On The Tab

Overland Meat & Seafood Co Lake Tahoe

Overland Meats originally planned to do a giveaway in January, but owner Brian Cohen could see that a lot of people in the community are hurting right now. Instead of waiting, his crew have been prepping the giveaway that started on Monday, December 14th while supplies last. The last time he did this in October, they gave away more than 1,400 pounds of beef along with taco kits.

Become Part Of The Solution

If you didn’t realize, Christmas is only a week away. There’s so much dividing in our communities and nation right now. Instead of focusing on what we don’t like, if you’re fortunate enough to have a job or aren’t stressed financially, help others that are in need. For more information on how you can help or to learn where the next tab will be setup, visit the Tahoe AleWorX Facebook event page.

Also, for anyone that’s wanting to contribute to the cause financially you can Venmo directly to: @lakeTahoeAleWorx account and use the #FeelGoodMovement hashtag. If you want to be mentioned on social media be sure to provide your instagram handle as well in the payment.

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