SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – After a three-year hiatus, the Valhalla Renaissance Faire is embarking on an exciting new chapter at its new home, the scenic Tahoe Valley Campground in South Lake Tahoe. This beloved annual event will return triumphantly for the 2024 season, promising an enchanting and unforgettable experience on Aug. 24 and 25.

“The Valhalla Renaissance Faire holds an enduring place in our hearts, and we are exuberantly delighted to resurrect this beloved event in South Lake Tahoe,” said Marti Miernik, Renaissance Production’s co-founder and Valhalla Renaissance Faire co-producer. “Our dedicated team is already working to ensure that the 2024 faire will not only be memorable but a truly exceptional and enchanting experience for all our cherished attendees. We are also thrilled to join hands with Tahoe Valley Campground to bring this show to fruition, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our journey.”

For nearly three decades, the Valhalla Renaissance Faire has delighted the South Lake Tahoe community by transporting guests back to the spectacle and grandeur of 16th-century England. And now, this magical faire is being reborn at the picturesque Tahoe Valley Campground, providing the perfect setting to immerse visitors in the pageantry of the Renaissance era.

“We are truly delighted to be part of the return of the Valhalla Renaissance Faire to our city after the challenging past few years,” said Bennett Ponder, Tahoe Valley Campground’s manager. “It’s an honor to open our doors to this remarkable event, and we’re committed to providing a magnificent backdrop for the faire’s unique and unforgettable experiences. We look forward to welcoming both returning and new attendees to our venue and playing a pivotal role in rekindling the magic of the Renaissance in our community.”

Provided / Renaissance Productions

As guests approach the fairgrounds, they will be instantly transported to the humble village of Pemberly in Staffordshire, England. The buzzing township is alive with anticipation for the impending arrival of the royal procession carrying none other than Queen Elizabeth. Colorful banners festoon the ramshackle cottages and tents, while townsfolk in full Renaissance garb go about their daily business.

The air is thick with the aromas of roasting meat, fresh-baked bread, and mulled wine. Meandering minstrels and performers regale passersby with lively songs. The sounds of clanging swords and thundering hooves fill the air as knights prepare for the afternoon’s jousting festivities.

Spontaneous dramas and comedic improvisation unfold around every corner. It’s clear Pemberly is brimming with excitement over the queen’s imminent stopover.

Visitors can immerse themselves in this recreated Renaissance village. The unparalleled entertainment begins with jousting tournaments showcasing the noble knights’ bravery and superb horsemanship as they charge toward each other with lances in hand. Spectators will marvel at the thrilling clashes and chivalrous sportsmanship between heroic combatants.

Laughter and merriment will emanate on the stages. Guests can enjoy a rotating cast of authentic Renaissance entertainment. They will be regaled by madrigal singers with soaring vocals, slap-stick comedy troupes keeping audiences in stitches, and dancers and acrobats putting on dazzling displays of their talent.

The lively artisan’s marketplace will overflow with wondrous goods to delight the senses. Visitors can peruse the handcrafted Renaissance-inspired pottery, jewelry, leatherwork, and garments from skilled crafters. They can sample culinary delights fit for a royal feast like thick stew, succulent turkey legs, and frothy ales. Or aim for the archery range to test your skills with a longbow.

The Valhalla Faire offers interactive activities and historical demonstrations. Visitors can cheer on the competitors in fencing exhibitions and tests of strength. They can also learn the art of medieval calligraphy or court dancing. Children can delight in old-world games, pony rides, and getting knighted by the Queen’s guard.

Of course, no visit to the Renaissance fair would be complete without donning an elaborate costume. Visitors are heartily encouraged to attend wearing their finest Renaissance-era fashions and compete for applause and prizes in costume contests held throughout the weekend.

After a far too long absence, the Valhalla Renaissance Faire is returning refreshed, reinvigorated, and grander than ever. This annual Tahoe tradition offers a full immersion into the pageantry and revelry of 16th-century England unlike anything else in the region. For two enchanting days this summer, let the Tahoe Valley Campground transport you back through the mists of time for an experience centuries in the making!

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