Wormhole Tahoe returns to Crystal Bay Casino on Friday, May 18, for a night of blending electronic music with unique visuals.

For those unfamiliar with Wormhole Tahoe, it's "an eclectic community of artists dedicated to presenting immersive, interactive, multi-media events that unite the past and future through the present," according to its website.

The organization routinely produces nights "for all the hardworking, mountain-loving bass heads to come and let loose," continues the site, which proceeds to invite attendees to "socialize and get loose on the dance floor to some bass, funk, dub, twerk and other broken beat grooves."

The entertainment returns to North Shore beginning at 10 p.m. and lasts through 2 a.m. It's a free party that any supporter of bass and electronic music will want to attend.

"We're bringing out our visuals, lighting, lasers and extra sound for an incredible night of sensory enjoyment!" states Wormhole Tahoe's Facebook page for the event.

The evening's performers include hawk. and harlesJ. Guests must be at least 21 years of age. Early arrival is recommended in order to guarantee entry.

Visit http://www.crystalbaycasino.com for more details on the gig. The venue is located at 14 NV 28 in Crystal Bay.